Welcome Out of the Stone Ages

So, Augusta National has finally admitted its first female members. What a joyous occasion for civil rights and gender equality! Whoop de @#$%ing do… Seriously, it’s nice when a person or group which for years has been steeped in racism and misogyny finally sees the light, but it means very little. As long as institutions like Total Women and Curves, fitness centers available only to women, are allowed to exist, it’s pointless. It’s little more than a publicity stunt. As long as things like Black History Month are allowed to exist and society is force fed as much during the commercials of every single television show in February, it’s an exercise in futility. Can you imagine the backlash anyone would receive if they making 1/12th of the calendar White History Month?

Let’s make this very simple. All people should be equal. Men and women should be paid the same for the same work. Blacks, whites, and every race in between should be able to coexist harmoniously in all aspects of life. Gays should be allowed to marry (editor’s note: my opinion, and not reflective of anyone else’s), and intolerance of racism and discrimination in all aspects of life, not just sports, needs to be ratcheted up to unprecedented levels. Luis Suarez should have been banned the entirely of the EPL season last year for his racial abuse of Patrice Evra.

But we as a society are moving backwards. How else can you explain that a group of backwards good ole boys finally caving to societal pressure after decades of bigotry being treated with what amounts to celebration? It’s ridiculous.

Moving on, know what else is ridiculous? People are still talking about the Bobby Valentine nonsense in Boston. Do the players want him fired? Do they not? Are they lying about it? Is the sky blue? Know what the problem is in Boston? Because I do. They suck. Period, end of story. Whitey Herzog once famously said, paraphrased, give me good players and I’ll be a good manager. Give me bad players and I’ll be a bad manager.

Lastly, is it just me, or does some of the urgency to get a new deal for the NFL referees suddenly come from the not disastrous performance the replacement officials are doing? Look, I’m not an expert ref, but I know suckiness when I see it. NFL officials are terrible. The replacements, at least in the preseason so far, have been doing no worse than any of the regulars have done for years. I think that the media, owners, league, and fans expected there to be such calamitous reffing in the preseason that the league would do backflips trying to strike a new deal. But it hasn’t been that bad, and suddenly, at least in my opinion, the league has the power in the negotiations, not the officials.

Ok, one more tidbit. I’ve been waiting for ANYONE to print or broadcast it, but I haven’t seen it happen yet so I might as well come out with it. Would you like to know what the worst thing in the history of things was? Answer, NBC’s Olympic coverage. I have never seen worse coverage of anything in my life. I hope they go bankrupt. I am not exaggerating, you couldn’t have done a more poor job with a revered sporting institution that only comes around every four years if you had tried. NBC should be embarrassed, and pay everyone’s cable or dish bill for those two weeks.

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