Stupidity in Sports Fandom

I used to do a monthly column about stupidity in sports, but today, I would like to focus on stupidity with a sports fan.  Let me start with a question.  When you go to your car in the middle of the summer with it 100+ degrees outside, don’t you stare at your seat and seatbelt and immediately get bummed out cause you know they are gonna be hot as hell?  What about when you go to the local park with metal bleachers…don’t you know the bleacher seats are gonna be crazy hot?  Well, apparently not everyone has the same common sense.  A Dallas Cowboy fan is suing the Cowboys after burning her ass on a bench outside the stadium.  Yup, you heard right.  She claims to have received third degree burns and needed skin grafts on her rear end after sitting on a black marble bench.  The reason she blames the Cowboys…there were no signs alerting her that the seat might be hot.  Does Starbucks need to post signs that coffee might burn your tongue?  Do restaurants with an outside fire place need to post a sign that sticking your hand in the fire might hurt?  Do swimming pools need to post signs that if you stay under water for too long, you will drown?  Does Williams Sonoma need to post a sign that their kitchen knives can cut you if you drag the blade along your skin?  And how long do you have to sit on a hot bench to get third degree burns?  Wouldn’t you stand up after sitting on it and realizing it is really hot?  What is this world coming to?



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