Just another random rant

It is far from new for a big club to get favoritism in the soccer world, but Chelsea  has taken it to a new level.  Branislav Ivanovic was given a red card in the Community Shield, which is a three match ban.  However, do to an odd rule put into place six years ago, he will serve none of them.  Well, that is not entirely true, he will serve the suspension for the Chelsea reserve squad, a squad he has never and will never play for.  He then goes out and scores the fourth goal in today’s match against Reading.  That goal is what hockey fans know as an empty net.  The first goal for the team was due to a penalty kick, the second by a keeper error allowing the ball to go into the net off his hands.  The third, and decisive goal, came as a result of a blatant fail by the referee to recognize an offside player who was at least two yards offside.  Arguably, all four goals should reasonably been avoided, pitiful.

What is in the water in the bay area?  First Melky and now Bartolo?  I thought BALCO was shut down.  Did they dump all their product into the bay area water system?  Maybe Melky can create a fake website blaming the water.

Am I the only one that is rooting for Roger Clemens to pitch in the majors this year?  Granted, my rooting interest may not be out of the best of intentions.  I really want Clemens to get a start for the Astros, then fail a drug test.  You know that would be the greatest karma the world has ever seen.

I was taking a look at the NFL schedule today and noticed something awesome.  The Philadelphia Eagles open their season in Cleveland, home of the Dawg Pound.  Will Vick prove old habits die hard and try to start some fights?  Just saying.


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