A week’s worth of opinions

Due to some traveling over the past week or so, I have been unable to get a new Smear up despite several happenings Smear worthy.  So, naturally, I have decided to do a rapid fire wrap up of the past week or so.

  • Jerry Sandusky – Enjoy Hell.
  • Joel Peralta – Got an 8 game suspension for pine tar on his glove, but Brett Lawrie got 4 for slamming a helmet down at an umpire and hitting him with it on the bounce….something seems off there. 
  • Davey Johnson – Really, you are going to bring attention to the pine tar on his glove?  I am sure you didn’t stand for it when he was on your team right?  Hypocritical much?
  • People who care about pine tar – Relax, it isn’t that big a deal.  When I was in high school and it was cold and/or wet, I rubbed a bunch of pine tar in my back pocket so I could get a little grip when the ball started to slip.  Also, lick your fingers then toss a rosin bag…it may be just as effective as pine tar…complaints about pine tar are as weak as Davey Johnson’s insult to Joe Maddon…seriously?!?!  “Weird Wuss” was the best you could come up with?
  • LeBron – Thank you for winning a championship.  Finally we can listen to the two most annoying voices in sports, Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless, argue about something else.
  • First Take – Really?!?! Two days after LeBron wins you have the two most annoying voices in sports argue who is under more pressure to win, Vick or Tebow?!?!  Congrats, you have mastered the art of mass murdering sports stories, well done.
  • Casey Affleck – Ok, this one might actually be cool, he has bought the rights to write and direct a Josh Hamilton movie.  Only question would be who plays who in the movie.  Here are my first thoughts.  Josh Hamilton–>Cole Hauser or Matthew McConaughey.  Nolan Ryan–>The bald dude from Lost.  Ron Washington–>the kid that was with the Rangers a couple years ago who mastered the look of Ron Washington.
  • NHL Draft – Does it right.  Drafts are strangely addicting sports events.  But only the NHL brings it to it’s fans.  A different city every year, giving every fan at least one opportunity in their lifetime to attend the draft and root for their team.  I was lucky enough to go to the one in LA a few years ago.  I physically assaulted the cup, was asked to get out of his seat by Tyler Seguin, shook Luc Robitaille’s hand, celebrated with a random family as their son got drafted, and negotiated a trade where I sent the entire Kings draft to Pittsburgh for Crosby with Dan Bylsma…he didn’t seem very happy with me as he stormed off after the conversation, and probably for the best that he backed out given the Kings won the cup this year and Crosby has hardly played since then.  Those are just a few events that happened on the second day of the NHL draft I attended.  Could you imagine the event if Jerry Jones got to host the NFL draft?  200,000 tickets to the event would be sold over the three days easy.  NBA draft on South Beach…half the first round would be arrested by weekends end.  MLB draft at Wrigley…finally something Cubs fans could root for.  C’mon NBA, NFL, and MLB, take a page from the NHL and bring your draft to your fans!

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