Tennis, this is your chance

Most sports fans probably don’t even care to watch tennis.  In fact, I really only watch Wimbledon and the French, but there is a chance that all changes today.  One problem I have with tennis, is the lack of parody.  Each tournament has only one question, Djokovic, Nadal, Federer…which one won’t make it to the final?  Well, this year, for just the second time in the last 28 Grand Slams…two will not be there.  Federer and Djokovic are in the same half of the bracket as one another, and Nadal was in the other.  I say was because he fell to the 100th ranked player today, a guy who had never won a professional match on grass until just a couple weeks ago.  I then looked at the other names on Nadal’s side of the bracket, and you know what I found?  Every other name in tennis that are great to watch but can’t break through the stranglehold of the big 3.  Jo-Wilfried Tsonga is one of the most fun guys to watch play tennis.  While just 6’2″ 200lbs. he can crush the ball and is built like a hard hitting safety rather than a tennis player.  Andy Murray looks to become the first English born Wimbledon champion since Fred Perry…in 1936!  Andy Roddick looks to get back to his winning ways on the court, cause it is clear he has already won off the court since he is married to Brooklyn Decker.  Then there is Mardy Fish.  Fish is playing in his first tournament since having heart surgery just over a month ago.  Let me say that again, HEART SURGERY JUST OVER A MONTH AGO.  Don’t worry, it wasn’t open heart surgery or anything, they just had to remove faulty electrical pathways in the heart and insert catheters into blood vessels, no biggie.  Maybe a new name in the Wimbledon final can create a buzz like the Federer-Nadal fifth set tie-breaker a few years ago when you couldn’t even see the TVs at Costco due to the crowds gathered to watch the final.  Do yourself a favor, pull up a chair, and watch what could shape up to be the most interesting Wimbledon in a long long time.


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