Playoff Royalty

I am writing this Smear at the end of the first period of the game, so if the Kings blow it and lose the game, maybe even the series, feel free to blame me.  Now, with a sweep the Kings could have tied the record for best record in a playoff run, but they lost game 4, then game 5 to end their perfect road run.  But a win tonight gives them a tie for the second best playoff record at 16-4.  Few experts will compare this team to the Oilers that went 16-2, but I believe this is the greatest playoff run in NHL history.  I was rooting for the Rangers to make it to the finals so the Kings could knock off seeds 1-2-3-1, but instead they will have to settle for 1-2-3-6.  They are the first team to ever knock off the one and two seeds in the first two rounds of the playoffs.  But before we look at that, let’s take a look back to the final week of the season.  There was a good chance this team would not even make the playoffs.  Then all the experts said they don’t have enough offense to make a serious run, but Kopitar has a good chance to win the scoring title for the playoffs and Quick has been lights out.  This is a young team , much like the championship teams of the Oilers, but there are no Gretzky’s or Messier’s on this team, however, there is Doughty, Brown, Kopitar, and Quick.  None of them may be hall of fame talents, but with their youth and a run of a few titles, you never know.  Regardless of the individual accolades to come on this team, the 2012 Los Angeles Kings must be looked at as one of the greatest playoff teams of all-time. 


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