We’re Certainly An Impuslive Bunch…

Yes, we sports fans, media included, are. I have to love how the Los Angeles media and fans in general are lamenting the Kings’ game 4 loss to New Jersey. What went wrong? How come the team failed? Impending doom???

For God’s sake… let’s sum up what actually happened. The Kings dominated for long stretches, clattered shots of the iron twice, and failed to convert on no fewer than a dozen great chances to score in the third period. New Jersey essentially got two chances to score, and buried them both. One on an uncharacteristically bad rebound allowed by Jon Quick, and the other on a moment of sheer brilliance from the Devils’ super rookie, Adam Henrique. Mix in a little Marty Brodeur virtuoso awesomeness and you got what could be expected. The Stanley Cup Finals didn’t end in a sweep. Get over it.

Moving on, nothing really surprises me anymore… at least I thought so. Then I read the story about the little kid who sent Brandon Jacobs the money in his piggy bank in hopes of securing his return to the Giants. That’s cute and all, but listen closely to the interviews when Jacobs talks about it and you can tell he’s touched by the visible difficulty he has keeping it together.

Lastly, I don’t have an entertainment or tv blog, so you’re stuck with this non-sports bit. Nothing really surprises… wait, I already started a paragraph that way. How about… every now and then, reality tv doesn’t totally suck. Go to youtube and search for a kid named Andrew De Leon. He absolutely brought the house down with his version of O Mio Babbino Caro… which isn’t the first song you would expect a teenager with an eerie resemblance to Marylin Manson to bust out.

Cheers and smears, have a great weekend.


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