Boxing and Lawyers

There was a time when lawyers were counted on to make sure the scales of justice balanced evenly, that the little guy didn’t get bullied by the big mean government, or the big bad corporation. And while I’m sure those folks are out there, it appears that more and more of them are idiotic swine.

Seriously, I should be gloating about how the Kings won the Stanley Cup, about how I’m a moron for not placing $100 on that in Vegas before the season began, like I had been bragging I would do. I should really be talking about anything… anything at all, except for the legal representatives of jailed boxing champ, Floyd Mayweather.  Yet, that’s where I find myself. You see, these weasels actually had the nerve to make a statement that Mayweather’s detainment in solitary confinement was hurting his career, financially and emotionally.

There is no reason for anyone, never mind a lawyer, to make such a statement unless they were positioning for a potential lawsuit. Anyway, so far, the Nevada police has not issued a response, though I think maybe they should. Here, I’ll even write it for them:

In response to the statements by Mr. Mayweather’s attorneys, it is our belief that what is actually hurting Mr. Mayweather’s career is that he elected to commit a crime, causing him to be incarcerated. And not just any crime, mind you. A violent crime. Specifically, this is a case of a boxing champion hitting a woman. So, excuse us for not being overly concerned that Mr. Mayweather is falling out of shape a bit during his sentence, a piss poor excuse for justice by the way, as the few months he has to serve pale in comparison to the years anyone without his celebrity status would have to serve. So shut it, you ((expletives deleted)).


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