What’s the Big Deal?

Hey, did something happen in the Clippers game?

What kind of a heartless jackass taunts a seriously injured player? Apparently, a shoe designer. Nike needs to grow a pair and fire the guy.

Just like Gregg Williams needs a lifetime ban. I’ve now read his quote about 100 times about, “doing everything possible to kill Frank Gore’s head.” It gets worse every time. And seriously, why do they keep calling this guy a good defensive coordinator? Wasn’t it his defense that gave up 38 points to the 49rs, not exactly an offensive juggernaut in the playoffs? I thought so.

I’ve been searching the NFL draft recaps long and hard to try to find a team that drafted worse than my Rams again. (explanation on that in a moment). I finally found it. Jacksonville, Brian Anger, really? Why would you use a third round pick on a punter, the player who ideally your team uses as infrequently as possible? It makes zero sense.

Back to the F+ grade I’m giving the Rams. Yes, they got some good players. Brockers figures to be good, as does Janoris Jenkins. Speaking of, if you were a NFL team thinking about drafting Jenkins, wouldn’t you make it contingent upon him having a vasectomy? Come to think of it, if you’re a male pro athlete, why WOULDN’T you get one!? I digress, the Rams watched their golden investment, Sam Bradford take unspeakable beatings all season long before he mercifully shut it down the last 6 games of last season. How was offensive line not the primary need at the draft? Not taking David DeCastro with their first rounder as he sat there waiting for them is the single most ridiculous decision they could have made. Not only did they fail to do the obvious, they compounded that mistake by not addressing the line with any of their three second round picks, or their third. Finally, in the fourth round, they take a kid who projects as… well, a project. I had hoped that incompetence was merely a trait of the Rams’ previous regimes, but alas, it must actually be the team. When respected minds like Jeff Fisher and Les Snead can’t get the obvious right, what the heck else could it be?

As a Rams fan, I love Bradford, and it’s going to pain me greatly when he suffers a season ending and possibly career threatening injury in the first third of the 2012 NFL season. You heard it here first.


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