The Stain Has Friends!!!

See, mom? We do play well with others! It appears an enterprising Falcons fan happened to stumble across our humble little blog here and start a thread on the Falcons message board. Most of the commentary is good natured so we’re having a good time with it. Special thanks to the gentleman who complimented our writing. As to the name attracting more 12 year olds than adults, you’re probably right as well. That said, it only makes sense to write to our own maturity levels.

We do want to clear up one potential misconception. We don’t dislike Matt Ryan. Quite the opposite. In fact, we love him. Not only does he have a rifle for an arm, he can poop himself mid game and not miss a step. As one of the Falcons message board readers astutely pointed out, they thrashed my hapless Rams that game behind a big performance from our blog’s namesake. Ryan is a winner in our book.

The Anatomy of Men

Not THAT anatomy you sick puppies… It bears mentioning that in last night’s LA Kings St. Louis Blues playoff game, Dwight King and BJ Crombeen settled things as they should be settled. Not with cheap shots or slashes, but with fists in a fair fight. In Game 1, King put Blues stud defenseman Alex Pietrangelo in the boards with a hit from behind. It wasn’t necessarily dirty, but it caused an injury forcing Pietrangelo to miss game 2. Well, you don’t take out the stud players without retribution, but kudos to Crombeen. He didn’t go after Kopitar or Doughty. He went to King and challenged him to a fair fight. King, knowing he owed the Blues to at least answer to his transgression, obliged. I don’t know, I just thought it bore mentioning during a playoffs tarnished by the actions of guys like Raffi Torres, Bryan Boyle, Matt Carkner, Shea Weber, Byron Bitz, and others.


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