Douche of the Week

Was originally gonna be the jerk that called Mohamed Sanu informing him he was being drafted in the first round by the Bengals.  But instead, it will go to a fan at the Dodger game.  It came in the third at bat for Bryce Harper, the stadium is in the middle of the wave, and a fan stands up, turns around, and drops trow.  Ass in all its glory right behind the plate, just as Harper swings and connects with a double over Matt Kemp’s head.  Replays are delayed as the truck scrambles to find a replay that doesn’t show ass.  Before they even manage to get a replay, I have taken a picture and blasted it onto twitter, as seen here.  I got many great responses, then 15 minutes later Deadspin posts the video and you know it will be topic of conversation on sports radio come Monday.  So, I will also give the future douche of the week to all those media folks who take credit for seeing it, when we all know the place to turn for random stories of unfortunate ass shots is right here, at The Stain.

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