Great Night in Sports

Today is one of the best nights you get in sports.  Obviously, it is the NFL draft, and that is about as big as the Super Bowl these days.  But, while my eyes will be glued to the draft, my hand will venture over to the remote a few times tonight due to the other fascinating events.  In the NBA, the sport I rarely watch, I want to see if the Bobcats can pull off the worst winning percentage in NBA history and set the record for most consecutive losses to end a season.  Then there is the Laker game.  Kobe Bryant needs 38 points to win the scoring title.  If he does, he will become the second oldest player to ever win it, Jordan has twice done it at an older age.  The best part of it will be watching Kobe throwing up wild shot after wild shot with no regard for his teammates or the score.  Oh, and then there are the two seventh games in the NHL which are always crazy and must see TV.  And of course I get to watch the Red Sox suck again.  Needless to say, tonight is a night to grab your favorite six pack, sit in your favorite spot, loosen up your fingers, and get ready for an active TV night.


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