Mock Version 2.0… aka, Last Time I’m Ever Doing This

As Shaun mentioned, we have a little contest going to see who can predict the most first round draft picks in the upcoming NFL draft correctly. Here are mine. Snide comments are welcome.

  1. Indianapolis – Andrew Luck, QB – Analysis is dumb here. He’s the best player, Indy has the first pick. Analysis over.
  2. Washington – Robert Griffin III, QB – They didn’t trade up with the Rams so they could pick Brock Osweiler… just sayin…
  3. Minnesota – Matt Kalil, OT – I’m more sure about this pick than I am about the first two, and that’s saying something
  4. Cleveland – Trent Richardson, RB – Fan favorite Peyton Hillis is gone, and someone other than Montario Hardesty, Cleveland faithful can only hope, has to carry the ball.
  5. Tampa Bay – Morris Claiborne, CB – If he’s available and Richardson is not, as I expect, you can etch it in granite.
  6. Saint Louis – Justin @#$%ing Blackmon, WR – I still think he’s overrated, and the Rams have a dreadful record with personnel decisions (see Williams, Gregg)
  7. Jacksonville –  Reilly Reiff, OT – Maybe Blaine Gabbert can throw after all. He’ll have to remain upright for that to happen
  8. Miami – Ryan Tannehill, QB – I will never understand how Shaun Hill isn’t considered good enough. I just. Don’t. Get it.
  9. Carolina – Melvin Ingram, DE – If they don’t shock everyone and pick Michael Floyd. Which is what I would do.

10.  Buffalo – Michael Floyd, WR – Ryan Fitzpatrick, aka the $66 million Shaun Hill, needs someone to complement Stevie Johnson.

11.  Kansas City – David DeCastro, G – Instant all-pro guard should probably go even higher but won’t over some stupid value perception on interior linemen.

12.  Seattle – Fletcher Cox, DT – Unfathomable value here, and they’ve already quietly built what’s becoming an elite defense.

13.  Arizona – Quinton Coples, DE – If I didn’t put him here, I likely would have forgotten about him until too late and looked stupid…

14.  Dallas – Stephon Gilmore, CB – Reach? Maybe. But not because he isn’t good, and the Cowboys’ secondary needs help.

15.  Philly – Luke Kuechly, LB – If he’s here, this pick will take the Eagles all of about 1.7 seconds to make.

16.  Jets – Cordy Glenn, OL – Versatile lineman makes sense here, so the Jets probably won’t do it, but they ought to.

17.  Cincy – Kendall Reyes, DT – Not the physical freak that Dontari Poe is, but a more complete player at this point, therefore a safer pick.

18.  San Diego – Chandler Jones, DE – SD defense with Merriman back in the day? Good. Without him? Fail sandwich. Jones is good.

19.  Chicago – Mark Barron, S – Even though it’s not 100% accurate anymore, I still equate Chicago with defense, and Barron is good.

20.  Tennessee – Dontari Poe, DT – Lacks polish, but also lacks the Haynesworth psychosis… and this team was at its best with a dominant DT.

21.  Cincinnati – Michael Brockers, DT – More polished, slightly lower ceiling than Poe.

22.  Cleveland – Stephen Hill, WR – He’d give McCoy the vertical threat to complement Greg Little’s excellent possession game.

23.  Detroit – Dre Kirkpatrick, CB – Clearly the secondary is a need after Matt Flynn lit them up for one of the greatest fantasy games in history

24.  Pittsburgh – Jonathan Martin, OT – Unless they want to bury Big Ben soon, keeping him standing will be a top priority

25.  Denver – Bobby Massie, OT – Don’t think the Broncos will want to protect Peyton? You’re wrong.

26.  Houston – Whitney Mercilus, DE – A certain super Mario is no longer here, and that changes the Texans’ draft priorities, I venture to say.

27.  New England – Kendall Wright, WR – Tom Brady makes this pick. He told me so. Ok, no he didn’t. But it makes sense.

28.  Green Bay – Harrison Smith, S – He’s probably a quiet top 20 talent, but needs of others have him fall a wee bit

29.  Baltimore – Courtney Upshaw, OLB/DE – They might look for another Adalius Thomas type…

30.  San Francisco – Rueben Randle, WR – Really think Randy Moss is the answer? Me neither…

31.  New England – Alfonso Dennard, CB – I think he’s better value than most… if I’m right, it won’t be anything Pats management doesn’t know too.

32.  Giants – Devon Still, DT – Doesn’t fit the scheme, but value is value.

I’m guessing I get about 5 of these right, but only 3 wouldn’t shock me.


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