Double Douchery

Shaun was kind enough to start a weekly feature where the Stain will spotlight someone in the sports world who… well, acted like a douche. Now, I’m kind enough to offer you a double dose.

Douche #1: Phoenix Coyotes forward Raffi Torres

Talk about an idiot… this guy has a history of dirty play and in a high profile playoff series decides to take a deliberate headshot at Chicago Blackhawks star Marian Hossa. Maybe his 25 game suspension was heavy handed, maybe it wasn’t. But he hurt his team. Not to mention his wallet. He’ll forfeit 20 grand plus in salary for every game he misses next season if the Coyotes fail to make it far enough or play enough games for the suspension to run its course this season. That’s a lot of coin.

Douche #2: Metta World Peace

That should actually be enough. What kind of an idiot changes his name to that? The same kind of idiot who throws an elbow at an unsuspecting opponent, causing an injury and getting ejected right as the playoffs are approaching. He shouldn’t get 25 games, but hopefully he gets enough to have the Lakers send him packing. After all, he hasn’t done much of anything helpful this season.

Bonus Douche: Tim McCarver

Listening to him do color on baseball games is like fingernails on a chalkboard. Seriously. Retire already.


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