What happened to Opening Day?

No, really, what happened to it?  Starting my sophmore year of high school until this year, I have played hookie or called in sick to work every opening day.  It was always fantastic.  Wake up, games start at 10 AM here on the West Coast.  Games on all day, always drama, often times it falls on the same day as the NCAA national championship game, so after 9 hours of baseball, I get to watch the night game while flipping over to a championship game during commercials.  Sit around all day, BBQ some hot dogs, order a pizza, have a few beers, and just watch baseball all day.  I mastered it a few years back when I first bought the MLB app on the iPhone and subscribed to the MLB TV online.  Suddenly I was flipping between two or three games on TV, had a game on my computer, and another on my phone.  All the while tracking my fantasy teams.  Nothing better.  Doors open, always a sunny day with a calm breeze…just a perfect day.  I didn’t even mind when they added the Opening Night game on ESPN.  Then, last year, they move Opening Day to Thursday.  So I get the dilema of choosing to take true Opening Day off, or take Friday off.  I chose Friday since there were more games that day than Thursday.  Then this year, they do the opening series in Japan, wait a week, hold opening night.  Then half the league opens today, then have tomorrow off while the other half of the league opens tomorrow.  This is the first time in over ten years I have decided not to take the day off.  It doesn’t feel like there is a real opening day.  The joyful feel of opening day is gone.  Today doesn’t seem so sunny.  The breeze not so refreshingly crisp.  The drama not so dramatic.  The game I feel has found perfection in it’s simplistic complexity suddenly feels flawed.  So please Mr. Selig, I am begging you, bring Opening Day back to the beautiful occassion it is meant to be.  Give us 15 games on a Monday, starting early in the morning, ending late into the evening, and fill our senses with what I consider to be the greatest day of the year.


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