Welcome to Opening Day…bring on the pain.

Let me get this straight.  The three weakest spots on the team are right, short and starting pitcher.  The bullpen is incredibly deep, so losing Papelbon was no big deal.  You have a stud future closer ready to take the role in Daniel Bard.  So you will take the best hitting shortstop in the system and trade him for a closer, then trade an average right fielder and prospects for another average right fielder and, yup, a closer.  Then you will take that guy that was groomed to be a closer and make him a starter.  Another one of the three closers gets hurt, so that leaves the third closer, right?  No, you take a guy that is really good in middle relief and was huge as a spot starter all season last year, and make him the closer.  Meanwhile Roy Oswalt doesn’t have a contract, but you bring Vicente Padilla and Rich Hill in to compete to make the rotation.  They both fail, so you announce Felix Doubront the fourth starter.  Shortstop will be Mike Aviles and Nick Punto…two great bench utility guys.  If they were to keep Pedro Ciriaco, he would be maybe a game lower WAR than those two.  What is next?  They gonna trade Middlebrooks and Iglesias for a center fielder, first baseman, and another closer?  I am convinced the Red Sox are trying to re-create the pre-2004 fan base, weed out all the bandwagon jumpers, and repeatedly obliterate the hearts of every die hard Red Sox fan left.  Congrats….you have succeeded in one right here, let’s just resurrect The Babe and trade him to the Yankees so we can fund the American Idiot play in a Boston area theatre coming soon.


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