NBA Predictions

What is the start of a season without blindly making predictions so you can go back in five months and let me know I know nothing.  Too bad, here it is anyway…how I see the NBA season is gonna finish up with playoff seeding in parenthesis.


Eastern Conference


New York Knicks (3)

Boston Celtics (4)

New Jersey Nets




Chicago Bulls (2)

Indiana Pacers (7)

Milwaukee Bucks (8)

Detroit Pistons

Cleveland Cavaliers


Miami Heat (1)

Atlanta Hawks (5)

Orlando Magic (6)

Washington Wizards

Charlotte Bobcats


Western Conference


Oklahoma City Thunder (1)

Minnesota Timberwolves (6)

Denver Nuggets

Utah Jazz

Portland Trailblazers


Los Angeles Clippers (3)

Los Angeles Lakers (5)

Sacramento Kings (8)

Golden State Warriors

Phoenix Suns


Memphis Grizzlies (2)

Dallas Mavericks (4)

San Antonio Spurs (7)

Houston Rockets

New Orleans Hornets


Now, time for the playoffs;


Miami beats Milwaukee

Atlanta beats Boston

New York beats Orlando

Chicago beats Indiana


Then Miami beat Atlanta

Chicago beats New York


Miami then beats Chicago to go the Finals again.


In the West;


Oklahoma City beats Sacramento

Lakers beat Dallas

Clippers beat Minnesota

Memphis beats San Antonio


Then Oklahoma City beats the Lakers

Clippers beat Memphis


And Oklahoma City beats the Clippers to face Miami in the NBA finals.


Oklahoma City will win the finals with Kevin Durant winning both regular season and Finals MVP.


Other awards:

Defensive player of the year: Dwight Howard

Rookie of the Year: Derrick Williams

Sixth Man: Shane Battier


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