The Angry Smear, Courtesy of Jerry Sandusky

This is a Smear I have started and stopped many a times.  I have been hesitant to write this due to the nature of the topic, and the “innocent until proven guilty” law in America.  That being said, I think Jerry Sandusky has pretty much waived his right to be considered innocent and his lawyers have handled his accusations in a way that would be comical if the situation wasn’t so despicable.  So I will try to do my best to call out the comedy of errors that is Sandusky’s legal team, while sharing how sickening his kind are to me.

Let me start with Sandusky and what he is accused of.  If he truly turned down the job as coach in waiting at Penn State to run a youth football program which gave him access to molest and rape young boys, he should be slowly castrated and sodomized with a foot long sandpaper dildo.  Thought that might be too far until I thought again about what he is accused of.

Now, to the comedy/horror of errors by his legal team.  Bob Costas, on Rock Center,  was able to get an interview with Sandusky’s lawyer, who then offered up Sandusky for the interview as well.  Obviously Costas accepted, and that is when it got weird.  Now, I am not sure what the intent of the lawyer was; make Sandusky look like a nice guy incapable of doing these things, show the face of the man to intimidate the victims, attempt to sway public opinion, or whatever other failed goal he had in mind.  In that interview, he admitted to showering with young boys and placing his hand on their thighs, and looking back felt it may have been inappropriate.  One sign that he is oblivious to the scum that he is.  But then Costas asked Sandusky if he was attracted to young boys. Sandusky paused, and paused, and paused, the silence made me physically ill, then the response, first by repeating the question, then by saying “I enjoy young people. I love to be around them, but no, I’m not sexually attracted to young boys.”  Really?  Here is how anyone who is not a pedophile would answer…NO!

Then things quiet down a bit in the Sandusky case, Bernie Fine is accused (who I won’t be commenting on because of the inconsistencies in that case, and one pedophile rant is too many for me), and Sandusky is no longer the first story on SportsCenter or the nightly news.  Until his lawyer comes out and in an attempt to defend Sandusky says, “If you think my client raped 10 year old boys, you need to call 1-800-REALITY.”  Well, for the purposes of good journalism, or because Sandusky has made himself seem like he is capable of it, people called the number.  What did they get?  A gay men’s phone sex operator.  Now granted, it isn’t exactly Sandusky’s cup of tea, you know, men are capable of defending themselves, but the irony certainly was not lost.

Then, not even a week later, a new member of Sandusky’s legal team tries to explain his clients behavior, making it even worse, and at this point, almost comical.  While trying to make sense of Sandusky showering with boys, the following quote was said to a Pennsylvania ABC affiliate, “Some of these kids don’t have basic hygiene skill teaching a person to shower at the age of 12 or 14 sounds strange to some people, but people who work with troubled youth will tell you there are a lot of juvenile delinquents and people who are dependent who have to be taught basic life skills, like how to put soap on their body.”  Last I checked, delinquent or not, by the time you are 12, you know how to use soap.  Even if you don’t, I am certain the proper way is not at the hands of a 60+ year old man at a football camp.

I feel terrible for the victims of Jerry Sandusky, and anyone the victim of sexual molestation for that matter, but please, for the sake of the human race, just get this man locked up already.  I am not sure what his defense team is attempting, my only thought is they are trying to make Sandusky look so horrible, it is impossible to find a juror who isn’t ready to jump at the opportunity to scream guilty.  I hope this case makes any future victims of similar crimes able to come forward and let authorities know so we don’t find out decades later.  Sandusky is out on bail yet again, I am just hoping he is placed in general population for life sometime soon and his bail money goes to pay for his incarceration so he can pay for his sins at the hands of violent criminals for the rest of his days.  I am sorry for my harsh thoughts and opinions in this Smear, but this has been one story I could not go without emphatically expressing my opinions.


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