The Second Greatest Game Ever Played

I should just leave this as a blank post since I am officially speechless, but that’s not smear style. I’m biased as a Dodger fan, so Game 1 of the 88 series always holds a special place in my heart. But let’s get real. Tonight’s Game 6 is unparalleled in history. Let’s get started with the observations, in order from most pertinent (since I’m enjoying some “cough” beverages and goodness only knows how far deep I’ll be in a few minutes) to possibly just random.

1. Both teams have serious bullpen issues. Blown saves happen, even in a World Series. Just ask the greatest closer ever to play, Mariano Rivera. But we’re talking about teams sporting Jason Motte and Neftal Feliz as their closers. Who knows about Motte, he’s never closed before this season, at least at the major league level. And Feliz, despite devastating stuff, has never been convincing. Even the heralded Mike Adams and Alexi Ogando have been iffy. And Scott Feldman, well, glittering post-season numbers before tonight aside, is middling. You have to wonder if Ron Washington was considering bringing in CJ Wilson on one day rest to pitch the bottom of the tenth.  And if he wasn’t, why the hell wasn’t he? And the Red Birds’ reliance on rookie Lance Lynn has to make you wonder as well. Game 7 should be another shootout.

2. If the Cards win Game 7, David Freese has to be the MVP, right? Right? There may be guys with better numbers this World Series, but if not for him, the streets of Arlington would be in a frenzy right now. On a team with Albert Pujols, Matt Holliday, comeback player of the year, Lance Berkman and… well, those three anyway, it’s Freese who is the hero.

3. Somewhere, the Phillies and Yankees are sobbing… in unison.

4. Both teams have serious bullpen issues. Did I already say that? Will the cards consider Skip Schumaker in an emergency? He hit 92 on the gun in a blowout loss to the Dodgers this seaon in mop up duty. Were the Rangers so desperate that they had to use Derek Holland in relief, he of the Game 4 shutout gem, rather than save him for Game 7 if necessary.  Now it’s Matt Harrison. Maybe.

5. Where’s the defense? 5 errors combined tonight? And it could have been 7 or 8 if mental errors or simply poor play counted. What kind of awful throw did Elvis Andrus make to first on Descalso’s grounder with the game on the line, rather than take the easy force at second? And Freese, before his heroics, how does he drop that popup?

6. Both teams have serious… ok, let’s just say pitching in general… issues. Matt Harrison and Jaime Garcia. If anyone bet before the season that those two would be pitching the most important game of the year, they are now rich.

7. Somewhere, Cliff Lee is sobbing.

8. I play competitive billiards in a league, and some would tell you I am quite good. I blame the Cardinals and Rangers for my loss in league play tonight. How on Earth was I supposed to concentrate on pool?  Really, someone tell me, how on Earth?

Anyway, now for some purely random, gin and tonic-induced thoughts.

The New Orleans Saints massacred the hapless Colts 62-7 last weekend. How badly will they destroy the Rams this Sunday. 89-3? 116-0??? I’m taking the over, regardless of the line, and I’m counting on only the Saints to score. Seriously, I could play defensive back for the Rams and be an improvement over who they trot out there now.

Did you see Game 6 tonight? Wow.

Jonathan Quick is human. He finally gave up a few goals after nearly 3.5 hours of nothing. Without Drew Dought, arguably the Kings’ best defenseman. Subnote to this, Slava Voynov might be as good as Doughty. Remember that name.

17 goals tonight in the Jets Flyers game. In hockey, that’s unheard of. Incidentally, 17 is approximately how many times I yelled, “What the !@#$???” at the tv during Game 6 tonight.

The Rangers and Cardinals have serious bullpen issues.

My roommate is playing World of Warcraft right now, and I’m strangely feeling compelled to fashion a sword out of the loaf of bread on my table, ride my cat into his room and smash my breadsword on his keyboard. No real reason, it just sounds like fun.

We promised you an EPL podcast two months ago, and darn it, we are going to make it happen.

And now that I have updated my iPhone with IOS 5, all my apps are gone. Time to go try to restore them. Good night and I hope you’ve enjoyed our latest smear.


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