Tebow Time

I will begin this rant with a bit of a disclaimer. I have no problems with Tim Tebow as a person, despite many of the things he believes in differs greatly from my own views. He is an excellent competitor and certainly has an incredible work ethic. That said, ENOUGH ALREADY. A few weeks ago I called out the Dolphins for planning a celebration of the 2008 Florida Gators National Championship team. Gainesville is a 5 ½ hour drive from Miami, Miami already has a university that is a rival of the Gators, and Tim Tebow was going to be on the team playing the Dolphins. Then it comes out that Tebow will get his first start in that game. All of a sudden the game in Miami became a home game for the Denver Broncos. Then the game starts, and Tebow looks terrible. Team passing yards take sacks into consideration, and halfway through the fourth quarter the Broncos had -2 team passing yards. Then the Broncos start making some plays. They get a touchdown, successful onside kick, Tebow drives down for another touchdown, punches in the two point conversion, the Broncos win in overtime, and Tebow is celebrated. Did anyone pay attention to what had to happen for the Broncos to make the comeback? The defense had to make a stop, but the Dolphins are awful, so that was easy. Then Demaryius Thomas made a couple of excellent plays to get to balls and break tackles. Then they get possession off an onside kick that was simply booted by the Dolphins. On the ensuing drive the announcers drove me absolutely nuts. Tebow completes a pass to a diving tight end. The announcers actually ask where those great throws were all game while showing the replay over and over. If you watch that pass you will realize punts have better spirals than his pass. The ball came out of his hand end over end. I have seen 5 year olds throw the ball better. Another ugly pass and great play by the tight end gets them into the end zone and Miami inexplicably leaves no middle linebackers in on the two point conversion allowing the most obvious QB draw of all time to be successful. Denver then gets the ball in great field position, Tebow can’t move the ball and Prater connects on a long field goal. The Broncos won the game despite Tebow, not thanks to him. If I am a Bronco fan I am pissed at Tebow today because his luck cost them a shot at Luck.


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