Things that bug me about the NFL

Jim Harbaugh – Act like you have been there before.  This isn’t Stanford going to USC and getting a win which can have a huge improvement in recruiting.  This is mid-October in the NFL.  Yes, it sends you to 5-1, but you still have 10 games left.  Don’t jump around like a Gramatica who just kicked a field goal.  Jog across the field, shake the hand of the opposing head coach whose team just gave you all your team could handle, and congratulate him on his team playing a great game.  You won a week 6 game, don’t act like it was a playoff game.


Lance Kendricks – I am tired of the apologetic announcers.  During Sunday’s game, the announcers said something along the lines of, “The Rams have streamlined the responsibilities of Kendricks which should help him given there was no off –season workouts.  Now he doesn’t have to think so much and can just go out and play.”  If his issues were simply running the wrong routes and missing blocking assignments, fine, but he dropped what I believe was his 643rd pass this season.  How about simply call it what it is, a guy who just isn’t ready to play in the NFL.


Field Goal Nets – Not really sure what to call those things that go up behind the goal posts during a field goal or extra point, but I am tired of watching two guys pulling on ropes and having the net go up crooked.  I am not a fan of people losing their jobs, but really?  You have four guys whose jobs are to pull the net up?  With all the technologies we have added to football, nobody has created a way to motorize the net?  Seriously, just add two small motors in the bottom of the wall and have it pull up at the push of a button.  Let’s bring the kicking game into the 21st century.


Tony Romo – Granted I am a Romo apologist, but can we please stop with the “Romo is amazing, Romo is terrible” flip flop from week to week.  Romo is a top 10-15 QB in the NFL.  He is not a top 5, never will be.  He can make plays most other quarterbacks can’t, but does give away plays many other quarterbacks know better than to even try.  Can the team win a championship with Romo?  Yes.  Will they?  Time will tell.  The guy throws interceptions at the worst times, but the offense has incredible weapons and their front seven on defense are second to none.  If the team improves in the secondary and Romo strings together a few of his good games, they have a shot.  But regardless of all that, he isn’t and never claimed to be the best QB in the NFL, so why is there a special every week on NFL network and ESPN saying they are disappointed because he isn’t playing like a hall of famer?


Defense – I get the NFL is trying to protect the players, but could we stop will all the roughing the passer and defenseless receiver calls?  Brian Orakpo hit Vick, side of helmet to the side of Vick’s shoulder pad in the endzone, and a penalty was called.  This was at a point in the game that the Redskins were gaining momentum and you could feel the game starting to swing.  The Eagles get to move out of the shadow of their own endzone, get a fresh set of downs, and are able to put together a long scoring drive that was clearly not going to happen before the penalty.  Defense is awful this year, and you can chalk it up to the fact that defenses are essentially no longer allowed to tackle a guy.

Cam Newton – Yes, he had two 400 yard games to start the season and every time you look up, he seems to be doing something special, but he is already the most overrated quarterback in the NFL.  He has a 58% completion percentage, 7 touchdowns, 9 interceptions, and a 1-5 record.  Granted, he has run for quite a few touchdowns, but how long do you expect a QB acting as the goal line back to last?  You want to see a true talent as a rookie QB?  Look at Andy Dalton.  His completion percentage is just slightly higher at 62%, but has more touchdowns than interceptions.  Also, he has taken a far less talented offense to a 4-2 record.  Cam is getting all the hype because he played in the SEC, was the first overall pick, and is always smiling.  Andy Dalton just goes out, plays the position, and wins football games.


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