Sports Keep The Dumb Going

Bernie Kosar – His daughter is now known by her stage name, , and is an adult film actress.  Not quite a star.  Much like her father, she has great talent, but tends to blow it in the big moments.

John Sterling – The Yankees play-by-play guy after a home run by Mark Teixeira, “That two run blast ties the game at one”.

Josh Hamilton – You may have heard Hamilton blame his day game struggles on the fact he has blue eyes, but he has finally figured out there may be more of an issue.”We play at nighttime, sweat, blue eyes, obviously, are harder anyway, but playing at nighttime, you sweat a lot, you wipe your eyes, sweat gets on your cornea and dries overnight. Then, you come out midday the next day and instead of the light going straight through your cornea, it hits the dry sweat and disperses and makes everything brighter.”

North Korea – They blamed their failures at the Women’s World Cup on the team being struck by lightning during a training session.  They then followed that up by failing a drug test and blaming an ancient Chinese remedy to off-set the effects of a lightning strike, which includes an injection from the glands of a Musk Deer.
San Francisco Giants – Yesterday, August 1st, at 7:54 PM, marked exactly 9 months since the San Francisco Giants had been crowned World Series Champions.  Nearly 900 expected mothers had registered with a bay area news network to crown the official championship baby.  This is only slightly disturbing, but what do you expect from Giants fans.
Uganda – The country of Uganda became the first African country to qualify for the Little League World Series, but the United States State Department denied some of the coaches and players travel visas, causing the team to bypass the trip to compete in the Little League World Series.
British Olympians – Coaches have banned the British Track & Field team from walking in next summer’s Olympic Opening Ceremonies.  Opening ceremony tickets have sold for as much as $3,280 for a ticket, but the host countries fans won’t be able to see their world class track athletes because their coaches have determined they might get too tired from WALKING.

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