Singing Along

For those of us who work office gigs, Pandora radio offers a pretty neat barrier to all the distractions that can keep us from being productive at work: The gaggle of gossipers blabbering on about their ugly kids in the cubicle five feet away, incessant phone ringing, etc. Sadly, I’m unaware of a sports Pandora station. Anyway, imagine my surprise as I was plowing through my workday and a rather enjoyable version on The Verve Pipe song “Freshmen” comes on. It’s not the original, but I don’t care. It’s good. And then I see it. The song is by Bronson Arroyo. Yeah, THAT Bronson Arroyo; he of the funky leg kick, 5+ ERA (except against the Dodgers, when he always seems to channel his inner Greg Maddux) and pseudo 70s hair in the Cincinnati Reds rotation. Grammy winning it’s not, but as embarrassing as people like Eddie Murphy, Don Johnson, and boxing messiah Manny Paquiao’s attempts to crack the music business it certainly isn’t either.

Things That Piss Me Off: I’ve been watching Sportscenter this Sunday morning for 30 minutes, every second of which has been dedicated to one of three topics. Tiger Woods, the Yankees Red Sox game coming on in SEVEN HOURS, and commercials. Wait, what just happened? They actually spent 30 seconds talking about Juan Nicasio, the Rockies pitcher whose neck was snapped by an Ian Desmond line drive the other night. Looks like he’ll be okay, but I’m really glad they updated us on a philandering asshole golfer who isn’t even that good anymore when compared to today’s top guys like Rory McIlroy. Why do I keep watching? I don’t know.

Things I Find Funny: The twins have a guy named Plouffe on their team. That’s almost as good of a name as Angel Pagan. Almost. I had dream that John Boehner spontaneously combusted. I was in a great mood for the first 8 hours of that day. Then someone informed me it was only a dream. Damn you, Facebook!


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