Terrorists have infiltrated American motor sports!

Ok, maybe a bit of an over-reaction, but seriously, did you watch racing on Sunday?  JR Hildebrand has a huge lead in the Indy 500 and inexplicably slams into the wall on the final turn.  Then in the Coca-Cola 600, Dale Earnhardt Jr. has a decisive lead and runs out of gas on the final lap.  At first glance, this may be just an odd coincidence, but I say nay….I blame the terrorists.

Why the terrorists?  Did anyone notice what Earnhardt and Hildebrand had in common, other than the letter “d” placed in odd spots in their name and could be called JR (or Jr.)?  How about the fact that both cars were sponsored by the US National Guard, and on Memorial Day weekend when we honor those that have fallen fighting for this country, the two cars sponsored by a branch of our military fail to complete seemingly simple victories.  And is it not a subtle sign that the Earnhardt’s failure was due to the fact he ran out of gas?

Seriously, if both had won the races, you know the opening to Sportscenter on Memorial day would be a proud patriotic tribute to these two cars.  So, in a joking, conspiracy theorist sort of way, I blame the demise of the cars on who else, but terrorists. 

Thank you and happy belated Memorial Day.

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