Thank You Sergio Ramos

For those of you who did not see, the other day Real Madrid faced off against bitter rival F.C. Barcelona in the Copa Del Rey final. In the 104th minute, Cristiano Rinaldo headed in the lone goal, giving Real Madrid they first Copa Del Rey title since 1993.  About 4:15 am, Real Madrid was touring the city of Madrid atop a double decker bus showing off the trophy to near 60,000 supporters.  That is when one of the greatest moments in celebration history happened.  Sergio Ramos lifted the trophy, and reminded us all why soccer players don’t use their hands, dropping the trophy to the ground, where it was run over slightly by the front bumper of the bus.  A group of cops had to come out and pry the trophy out from beneath the bus.  Thank you Sergio Ramos, you have saved The Stain from Smearer’s block!


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