Stupidity in Sports

Every once in a while, you hear a story that reminds you of the good in sports…none of these are that story.


Canseco Brothers – It is well known that Jose Canseco is a nut job.  But what can go under the radar at times is the fact he has a brother, Ozzie, who looks just like him, that is just as big a mess.  Whether it is an autograph session, a reality tv show, or even the bedroom with ones wife, there are questions as to which was who, when, and where.  The most recent came in a celebrity boxing match.  Jose was given $5k in advance with another $5k to be received after the fight.  Jose didn’t feel like fighting, so Ozzie decided to show up for the fight instead.  What the two failed to consider is the fact Jose has tattoos on his arms that Ozzie does not.  Needless to say, it was found out the wrong Canseco was discovered and the final $5k was not delivered and the fight was cancelled.

Mario Balotelli – The European footballer, again, soccer, that game you play with your feet, with Manchester City recently got bored.  Typically that wouldn’t be news, a guy gets bored at the facilities, plays some pool, maybe throws darts….well, he did the latter, at kids!!!  While bored he picked up darts, opened the window, and took aim at the youth team.  Naturally, as a player in a sport that isn’t allowed to use your hands, he missed on every shot.

Dez Bryant – Remember when you were 14, hanging at the mall with your pants too low, making fun of the mall security guards, giving cat calls to the girls while making fun of the nerds at the arcade?  Well, apparently Dez Bryant still is.  He recently added to his MALL RAP SHEET when he and his group of friends were asked to pull up their pants.  They proceeded to make a scene, and Dez was mentioned in yet another incident report at a Dallas area mall.  He was also recently sued for almost $1 million in legal fees and the cost of unpaid jewelry.  Add that to money “borrowed” after being suspended by the NCAA, the 6 figure dinner he paid for after refusing to carry Roy Williams pads, and we now know who is most desperate for the NFL lockout to end.

David Ferrer – Midway through the second set of his match at the Sony Ericsson Open, Ferrer got frustrated by a crying baby in the stands.  So he did what anyone named Ferrer or Balotelli would do, he hit a tennis ball into the stands in the direction of the baby.  He missed, and lost the match.  After he blamed indigestion for his loss…wonder what he blames for missing the baby.


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