Final Mock Draft

1) Carolina Panthers – Cam Newton – QB – Auburn – Jimmy Clausen is not very good, the Panthers need a face of the franchise, Cam is the guy.  Plus, Clausen will actually push Newton since he was a second round pick.  Not a good pick if they want to compete, but the right pick to hold over the fan base for another couple years.

2) Denver Broncos – Marcel Dareus – DT – Alabama – Disrupter from the inside and ask any expert, building a franchise from the line of scrimmage back is the way to go.  Dareus is arguably the best talent in the draft, and he will have a Suh type impact this year.  A good draft, and this is a great start, could make the Broncos a legit threat at the AFC West.

3) Buffalo Bills – Von Miller – OLB – Texas A&M – The best part of the Bills 4-time Super Bowl losers was a scary good linebacking corp.  Add Von Miller to the outside with Andra Davis, Reggie Torbor, and whatever is left of Shawne Merriman and whatever may come of Aaron Maybin, and this could be one of the best unknown linebacking units in the league.

4) Cincinnati Bengals – A.J. Green – WR – Georgia – Best receiver in the draft, no TO, no Ocho….easy pick.  They could easily go with Blaine Gabbert here, but the Bengals have always been stubborn, and they will call Carson Palmer’s bluff of retirement, and risk going into next season without a quarterback.

5) Arizona Cardinals – Blaine Gabbert – QB – Missouri – Is it just me or does he look like a young Jeremy Roenick?  If Arizona takes him and doesn’t improve that offensive line soon, Gabbert’s face might follow Roenick’s career path too.

6) Cleveland Browns – Robert Quinn – DE – North Carolina – Simply put, the highest upside at a position of need left on the board.  Quinn will be a premier pass rusher early on, he very well may wear down since he had to sit out last year, but the Browns season will be done before that, so no one will notice.

7) San Francisco 49ers – Patrick Peterson – CB – LSU – This was my easiest pick and this just may be the quickest first round pick ever submitted.  Peterson will fit in great in San Francisco, and while he won’t be a pro bowler in year one, he will be by year three.

8) Tennessee Titans – Nick Fairley – DT – Auburn – The defense struggled last year and could really use a big man in the middle again.  Luckily, Nick Fairley’s stock has fallen, and while many are projecting for hime to fall past here, I think this would be an absolute steal for the Titans.

9) Dallas Cowboys – Tyron Smith – OT – USC – Great body, ready to play right away, probably fits best at right tackle, and that is the spot the Cowboys need most.  Protect the face of the franchise, Tony Romo, give time for an excellent receiving core to get open and open holes for a well above average running game.  Anyone but Smith would be a mistake here.

10) Washington Redskins – Julio Jones – WR – Alabama – Quick, name the last stud receiver the Redskins have had….exactly, they haven’t had one since Art friggin Monk.  Julio will be a field stretching big play threat and will actually be a very productive addition to the ‘Skins.

11) Houston Texans – Prince Amukamara – CB – Nebraska – This is probably the first spot you will see a team trade back.  You just may get a team or two afraid of the Vikings going after Jake Locker at 12, so they will be calling Houston, but if the Texans have to make the pick, they should go after Prince.  One of the worst pass defenses in the league, and Prince will help.  Not the biggest impact guy, and probably not a value here, but a solid pick none the less.

12) Minnesota Vikings – Da’Quan Bowers – DE – Clemson – Had microfracture surgery on his knee which makes him a huge red flag, but if there is a team that can afford the risk on a top of the draft talent it is Minnesota.  If Da’Quan busts, they have a defense that can bounce back, if he is an all pro, they can win on defense alone.  They need a QB, but defensive line is the right path to go here.

13) Detroit Lions – Aldon Smith – DE – Missouri – Another pick/spot I am not happy with.  The Lions have other needs, but none that quite fit the value in this spot.  Smith will be a solid player, and excellent compliment to Suh, but the Lions could benefit more from trading back here and accumulating picks.

14) St. Louis Rams – Corey Liuget – DT – Illinois – Liuget is legit…sorry too easy.  He is a great fit here.  The three biggest needs for the Rams is d-line, linebacker, and wide receiver.  The first three rounds have great depth at receiver, and this is a terrible draft for linebackers.  Go best available here, and there is no better fit for St. Louis than Liuget here.

15) Miami Dolphins – Mark Ingram – RB – Alabama – What else can I say?  He has been here on every mock I have put together, posted or otherwise.  I have tried to create mocks without him here, but can’t.  Probably means he won’t go here, but I am going to stick with it.

16) Jacksonville Jaguars – Ryan Kerrigan – DE – Purdue – He has a nose for the quarterback, and would fit into this defensive line well.  Kerrigan pick here would help add to a defense that is slowly becoming a great unit.  A good draft this year and next year, and this team could be a great fit in LA….

17) New England Patriots (from Oakland Raiders) – Cameron Jordan – DE – Cal – He can play with his hand down or standing up outside.  At 6’5″ 290 lbs., he can even slide inside.  Basically, he can play 3 positions and on that Patriot defense, that would be an amazing fit.

18) San Diego Chargers – J.J. Watt – DE – Wisconsin – Watt can play inside or out, the Chargers need help on the entire line outside of Castillo, Watt is best available, and is a good fit.  Enough said.

19) New York Giants – Anthony Costanzo – OT – The first or second best tackle in the draft on a line that desparetly needs help.  He is hands down the best available lineman here, a very simple pick.

20) Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Adrian Clayborn – DE – Iowa – In the event you are new to The Stain, I will let you in on a bit of a secret…I have a huge man crush on the entire Bucs roster.  Love what they have done with their offense, granted they could use RB depth, and they are doing impressive things on their defense.  Clayborn will be disruptive off the end, and McCoy will only get better…makes for a great, young defensive line.  Look out!

21) Kansas City Chiefs – Muhammed Wilkerson – DE/DT – Temple – Glen Dorsey, Tyson Jackson, Tamba Hali, Muhammed Wilkerson…get to know those four as this could be the most dominating front 4 in the league very, very soon.

22) Indianapolis Colts – Gabe Carimi – OT – Wisconsin – Last year’s Outland Trophy winner for best college offensive tackle, standing 6’7” and pushing 315 lbs., giving Peyton Manning more time from the blind side…scary.  They have missed on offensive lineman in the past, but Carimi won’t be a miss.

23) Philadelphia Eagles – Mike Pouncey – OG/C – Florida – Maybe getting more credit because of the play of his brother last year, but will still be a top notch offensive lineman.  The Eagles need help on the interior of the offensive line, and Pouncey is by far the best guy available in the draft this year.

24) New Orleans Saints – Phil Taylor – DT – Baylor – He is HUGE!!!  The all black uniforms of the Saints won’t be slimming for Phil Taylor.  He will plug plenty of holes in a division that has powerful runners like Michael Turner, MJD, and Jonathan Stewart.  A run stuffing defensive tackle will be a big time improvement for this team.

25) Seattle Seahawks – Jake Locker – QB – Washington – He could stay home as the University of Washington is very close to Seattle.  His coach would know him well thanks to Pete Carroll’s time at USC.  Seattle needs a QB…all makes for a perfect fit.

26) Baltimore Ravens – Jimmy Smith – CB – Colorado – If it wasn’t for character issues, he would be a top half of the first round pick.  Great fit in Baltimore and a defense that is known for being a dominating defense.  Youth in the secondary will be beneficial…and if he gets out of line, Zbikowski will knock him out.

27) Atlanta Falcons – Nate Solder – OT – Colorado – A big, talented offensive lineman for a line that is below average will help and already explosive offense.  Matt Ryan’s veins will be a little cooler knowing Solder has his back.

28) New England Patriots – Justin Houston – OLB – Georgia – Pass rush is a huge need, and Cameron Jordan will be a help with the first pick, and assuming the Patriots keep this pick, the pass rush and front seven will be solid for years to come.

29) Chicago Bears – Derrick Sherrod – OT – Mississippi St. – There was a drunken naked man running through Chicago this week asking people if they believed Jay Cutler really hurt his knee.  Had the Bears already had Sherrod, this never would have happened.  Ask the families in the neighborhood where the naked guy was asking about Cutler’s health was running around who they want the Bears to draft.  Enough said…just too good a story to change this explanation, and I truly still believe Sherrod will go here.

30) New York Jets – Jabaal Sheard – DE – Pitt – Team needs a pass rush, could use a defensive tackle, but not a good value here, so Sheard will be a good pick off the edge.

31) Pittsburgh Steelers – Brandon Harris – CB – Miami – There is no question the biggest need for the Steelers is a corner.  Harris could be a huge addition to defend teams that go 3 or 4 wide.  If they had him last year, maybe they win the Super Bowl.  No telling what is to come next year, but this is a great move to try and make the next step.

32) Green Bay Packers – Cameron Heyward – DE – Ohio State – The defending champions could use more pash rush to take a bit of pressure off their aging secondary.  Heyward is a big body that can cause some havoc from the line and would be a steal for a championship team.

Round two

33) New England Patriots (from Carolina Panthers) – Danny Watkins – OG – Baylor

34) Buffalo Bills – Andy Dalton – QB – TCU

35) Cincinnati Bengals – Titus Young – WR – Boise State

36) Denver Broncos – Akeem Ayers – OLB – UCLA

37) Cleveland Browns – Aaron Williams – CB – Texas

38) Arizona Cardinals – Rodney Hudson – C – Florida State

39) Tennessee Titans – Ryan Mallett – QB – Arkansas

40) Dallas Cowboys – Rahim Moore – S – UCLA

41) Washington Redskins – Benjamin Ijalana – OT – Villanova

42) Houston Texans – Marvin Austin – DT – North Carolina

43) Minnesota Vikings – Stephen Paea – DT – Oregon State

44) Detroit Lions – Bruce Carter – OLB – North Carolina

45) San Francisco 49ers – Brooks Reed – DE – Arizona

46) Denver Broncos (from Miami Dolphins) – Kyle Randolph – TE – Notre Dame

47) St. Louis Rams – Leonard Hankerson – WR – Miami (FL)

48) Oakland Raiders – Clint Boling – OG – Georgia

49) Jacksonville Jaguars – Torrey Smith – WR – Maryland

50) San Diego Chargers – Jonathon Baldwin – WR – Pitt

51) Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Ras-I Dowling – CB – Virginia

52) New York Giants – Quan Sturdivant – ILB – North Carolina

53) Indianapolis Colts – Christian Ballard – DT – Iowa

54) Philadelphia Eagles – Brandon Burton – CB – Utah

55) Kansas City Chiefs – Martez Wilson – OLB – Illinois

56) New Orleans Saints – Kelvin Sheppard – ILB – LSU

57) Seattle Seahawks – John Moffitt – OG – Wisconsin

58) Baltimore Ravens – Randall Cobbs- WR – Kentucky

59) Atlanta Falcons – Jerrel Jernigan – WR – Troy

60) New England Patriots – Mikel Leshoure – RB – Illinois

61) San Diego Chargers (from New York Jets) – Curtis Brown – CB – Texas

62) Chicago Bears – Jarvis Jenkins – DT – Clemson

63) Pittsburgh Steelers – James Carpenter – OG – Alabama

64) Green Bay Packers – Allen Bailey- DE – Miami (FL)


One thought on “Final Mock Draft

  1. Nice selections. With your NE Pats having so many picks in the first two rounds, look for Billy Bel to move down in the first round. Rumors have it today that they might be targeting Cleve’s #6 pick. As far as the #1 pick is concerned, Carolina should go with Marcel Dareus as there is too much uncertainty with Cam. Plus with the lockout far from resolved, Cam will be on the bench anyway. Caroline should wait until next year to select a QB #1, Luck is much better than Cam.One Man’s opinion….


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