The Stain at Spring Training – Day 1

We got into town a little after 5 yesterday, settled into the hotel room, looked at the schedule, and realized there was a 7:00 game, so we took a quick trip from Glendale to Goodyear and watched the Rangers taking on a split squad Indians club. Both starters have a career ERA over 5, and they demonstrated why, really was not a good game, however, I talked up Choo the whole trip out and he did not disappoint. He made a great diving grab on a laser of a line drive, got hit in the dome by a pitch, then goes back out and guns down Chris Davis trying to go first to third a couple innings later. I made sure Austin Kearns knows The Stain has his back and is expecting a monster year from him. I sat by the Rangers pen for a while and took one thing out of that…Mike Maddux was a glaring omission from my Mustache Ride Through Time Smear a few weeks ago. While walking the stadium, we saw a seemingly lost Travis Hafner standing by the right field foul pole while the Indians were in the field. I decide to yell out to him asking him a few questions, to which he mumbled inaudible nonsense. He then stares at the scoreboard in left center, looks back at me and asks how many outs there are, and that is when it clicked, Pronk has sucked the last couple years because he is either constantly drunk at the ballpark, or he is blind as a friggin bat. Seriously, I get he is a DH, but how the hell do I, a fan wandering the stadium, know how many outs there are but the players don’t?!?! Also, Cleveland, are there no attractive women where you come from? The Indians bullpen gave out a baseball to a girl for showing them her rack. Makes sense, until you realize the girl might be a 6 if you just had 6 shots of tequila, shotgunned 6 beers, took 6 bong rips, and were blind as Travis Hafner! Check back later today or tomorrow with a day two update and notes from the Indians-Angels game.

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