The Stain at Spring Training – Day 2

I thought Arizona passed a law to deport all people in the state illegally.  I call BS….there are way more Canadians than I expected.  Also, worst drivers I have ever seen are here.  I watched a guy make a u-turn yesterday.  Only he did it in the middle of the road and not at an intersection, crossed 3 lanes, and found himself going up the curb, trying to three-point turn around the cacti before finally getting back on the road.  After getting past the horrible drivers, we finally made it to Tempe Diablo Stadium to watch the Angels take on the Indians.  One problem, the 25+ scalpers practically mugging every person walking by had already bought up all the tickets.  So we decided to give up on games for the day as I looked up two games, neither allowing online tickets, and Brandi and I just decided to head to the Scottsdale mall.  On our way, we happened to drive by the Spring Training home of the Oakland A’s, they had tickets, so we decided to go to that game.  White Sox-S’s, Peavy-Cahill…how did they do?  Not a friggin clue, took me nearly three innings to get a beer and a dog.  Then take into account they don’t have an outfield lawn, instead they have standing room only seats that are more expensive than lawn seats at any other park.  The stadium was so bad, it made me feel like I was in…well…Oakland.  I really only took one thing out of the game.  We were sitting out by the White Sox bullpen and one guy was having fun keeping the guys loose.  Non-roster invitee Brian Bruney.  In order to get through 162 games, you gotta have a couple guys that keep the guys loose and having fun, and Bruney looked like a guy that can do that.  Add the fact he is a better than average middle relief guy, and I am pulling for him to make the team, and if he doesn’t, you should hope your favorite team does.  Now onto the next game, heading down to Camelback Ranch to watch the Dodgers-White Sox.  Don’t worry, I bought these tickets yesterday, so I at least know I am getting in.


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