NBA – Not Boring Anymore

I may be a bit late on this, but I was on vacation, so better late than never.  When I first decided I wanted to write a post about the trade deadline, I was going to write about what a joke it is that these players are able to just pick and choose where to create “super teams”.  I do believe the way many of these guys are going about it is wrong.  The summit idea that was thrown around last summer of the games top free agents and free agents to be discussing where each would go to create a select few teams that would battle it out each year would have been terrible for the game.  But then I started to think, just look at the Cavs this year, it is clear that a single player can have a tremendous impact on a team more in basketball than any other sport.  So if a player can get together with another star, and one more that is an all-star, why wouldn’t you?  Look at the Lakers and Celtics, who are winning championships, both have a 3-4 all-stars on the team.  Then I thought back to when I was a huge basketball fan.   It was the Jordan led Bulls dynasty, then the Kobe and Shaq dynasty.  I then looked back to the 80’s.  In that decade, only 5 teams made it to the finals, and the Lakers and Celtics combined for 8 Championships.  Now, and I was one of them at first, people are up in arms about the way these teams are forming.  You have D-Wade, Chris Bosh, and LeDouche James, just because I am backing these NBA teams doesn’t mean I have to like the guy, are in Miami.  You have Melo, Amare, and Chauncey in New York, with the rumors already spreading that CP3 will replace Chauncey once he becomes a free agent.  And we have already seen what the Kobe/Pau/Artest/Bynum Lakers and the Rondo/Ray Allen/Paul Pierce/KG Celtics have managed to do.  Next we will see the Thunder step into that class as they already have a great young duo in Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, have a very athletic Amare Stoudamire clone in Serge Ibaka, and just brought in a center that has proven can give the Lakers trouble in Kendrick Perkins.  The NBA still has the Spurs with Tony Parker, Manu Ginobli, and Tim Duncan currently leading the West.  So, while the Pacers, Warriors, Raptors, and Jazz fans will be stuck rooting to win the lottery, we actually have what could turn out to be some great NBA battles.  This year we have the Spurs/Lakers/Thunder in the West and the Celtics/Heat/Knicks in the East.  Each of these six teams have multiple all-stars, and are fun to watch play, with the exception of the Spurs who are just boring as all hell to watch.  There are actually more stud teams now than ever before, so tune in, and enjoy what could prove to be one of the best stretch runs and playoffs we have ever had.



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