Knock Knock Knocking on Seven’s Door

Jerry’s world will play host to the Packers and the Steelers in the big game on Sunday.  The Steelers are chasing their seventh championship since the merger, the most over the Cowboys and 49ers both stuck at 5.  It seems the general consensus for most fans that don’t have a dog in this fight (insert Mike Vick joke here) are rooting for the Packers.  But what about the Steelers?  Clearly god is on the Steelers side.  How else can you explain Big Ben getting away with “allegedly” sexually assaulting women on two separate occasions?  True, Ben was suspended for six games this season, but his good behavior, aka not raping any new girls in public restrooms, reduced the suspension to 4 games.  And now he is going up against a team with the quarterback that replaces the guy that text his little gunslinger to reporters.  I would not be surprised to see the Packers take a big first half lead, then Troy Polamalu will hide one of Jerry’s pole dancers from the open end of the stadium in his hair, stash her in the bathroom, send Big Ben in there to get back into his “rhythm”, and lead the Steelers to a second half comeback with his favorite final score 34-28(-36).


-Shaun Kernahan


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