Packin’ Heat

It’s a pretty simple argument why the Packers are going to win. Jesus is on their side. Just ask any member of a previous winning Superbowl team. They always thank Jesus. Funny how the losing team never blames him for a critical fumble, missed tackle, etc. But either way, if Jesus lets the Steelers win, he would be advocating such gross misconducts as sexual assault and riding a motorcycle without a helmet (in that order). And let’s face it, Jesus has a reputation to uphold. Fearless (if slightly inebriated) prediction: Pack 27-20 over the Steelers. Surprise hero will be James Starks who will put up 85 yards and a touchdown against the Yellow Curtain’s vaunted run defense… but Aaron Rodgers will still get the mvp award because Jesus (there he is again) has a thing for quarterbacks.



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