The Result

Well, not a ton of you played, if you couldn’t tell by the completely empty comments section. But here are the pertinent facts.
The site I referenced is SB Nation. I find them to be quite entertaining and usually pretty well informed.
Player A was Mark Langston, a hard throwing lefty from the 80s and 90s who played for the Mariners, Expos, and Angels, and once was traded for Randy Johnson. Player B was Fernando Valenzuela, the pudgy Dodger lefty who baffled the National League with baseball’s best screwball since Carl Hubbel.
As you can tell, their stats were pretty similar, Langston having a big edge in Ks and Fernando a half run better in ERA with more career shutouts. The other biggy is that Fernando won two World Series titles.
Still, SB Nation asserted that Langston was better and implied that it wasn’t close. It makes you wonder what ever happened to doing a bit of research.
You can probably make arguments for both guys to be a little better than the other, but to assert that it’s not close is lunacy.
That’s all for now, avoid the flu and get a vaccine this year. Apparently the strain is pretty brutal and worth avoiding.


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