The Game: Who Was Better?

One of the great things about being a sports columnist, blogger, or merely a fan is that you can make assertions about a sport and it’s players without having to justify how you feel. I am conflicted about a sports website that I read frequently. I enjoy the content most of the time, but every now and then, the writers really come up with a doozy. So, we’re going to do an anonymous comparison of two players’ Major League Baseball careers.

Both of these guys were left handed pitchers, approximately the same age, and pitched in the same era, so there’s no need to throw any opposition comparisons in there. Oh, and both spent time in both leagues, so both had to deal with the Designated Hitter at points. Not everything is congruent, of course, but let’s stick to the stuff that’s close for now.

This aforementioned website asserted that one of the players below was undeniably better than the other. I think they’re on crack, so we’re going to do an anonymous comparison. Please help me out by voting.

Player A Career Stats: 179 Wins, 158 Losses, 3.97 ERA, 2962 Innings Pitched, 2464 Strikeouts, 81 Complete Games and 19 Shutouts.

Player B Career Stats: 173 Wins, 153 Losses, 3.54 ERA, 2930 Innings Pitched, 2074 Strikeouts, 113 Complete Games, and 31 Shutouts.

Both guys have nearly identical WHIPS of 1.3. I’ll give you another hint. Both players pitched a no hitter, but the guy who was determined to be so much better went only the first 7 innings of his.

So I beg of you again, please help me out by putting either Player A, Player B, or about the same, in the comments, with as much or as little of an explanation as you please. I will post the results and all info you may be wondering about in a day or two. Thank you.


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