5 Guys You Absolutely Have to Start in Fantasy Tomorrow

Just to clear the air, we are going to be discussing guys who you might actually put on the bench in favor of another player. Obviously, if you have Megatron, there isn’t another receiver who you would consider starting ahead of him. But if you have these guys, and are considering someone else, stop considering.

1. Jeremy Maclin – He probably wasn’t in the top ten receivers off the board… or the top 20. And he’s probably not a guaranteed start every week. But he should be. He has a great rapport with Michael Vick, and as long as the fragile dynamo is healthy, Maclin is a top option. Throw in a dash of Cleveland as the opponent and it’s a lock.

2. Matt Ryan – If you have him, you probably watched the top quarterbacks fly off the board early in frustration. And you probably drafted a backup soon after; someone in the mold of a Jay Cutler or Ryan Fitzpatrick, in anticipation of having to play the matchups. Well, worry not. By the end of the season, his numbers and Tom Brady’s will be virtually indiscernable. You heard it here first… or second… whatever. Start him.

3. Greg Olsen – Steve Smith is still a stud, if an ailing one, at 33, but who else is there really? Plus, Cam loves his tight end. Plus, Tampa Bay sucks. Plus… uh… plus… uh, he looks like He Man! I wouldn’t be against 100+ receiving yards and a score. If you get that from your tight end whom you likely picked up from the scraps towards the end of your draft, you are sailing my friend. Sailing…

4. Donald Brown – He’s a bit of a mystery, but what isn’t a mystery is that he’s a good receiver out of the backfield. And what do rookie quarterbacks do a lot? If you said check down, you are not a moron. Indy’s week 1 matchup is not good, but nobody is really threatening DB for touches. And if you have one of the star backs that is either missing or limited in week one (AP, Ryan Matthews, Marshawn Lynch, MJD) you are probably debating between someone like Brown or another middling player for your flex spot. Stop debating and start him.

5. Danny Amendola – If you’re in a PPR league, this is a no brainer. The Rams are going to get crushed, so they will be throwing a lot against a suspect Lions secondary. Amendola is Bradford’s favorite target and probably their second-best offensive player behind Steven Jackson. He could get double digit receptions this game, and might even sneak into the end zone.

You’re probably asking yourself, does he have all these guys? Yes, he does. And he’s putting his money where his mouth is. So tune in Monday for either a tail between my legs soliloqy or victory gloat.


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