Thoughts, Musings, and Cravings for Scotch

So as I sit here, staring at my as-of-yet untouched three finger pour of Glenfiddich, I’m finding myself eagerly anticipating my third and, again-as-of-this-moment, final fantasy football draft on Sunday. My first two have gone well. Approaching my third season from the first draft, I inherited a lousy team from an owner who clearly cared little and have managed to turn the team into a potential contender this season, not an easy task with 4 veteran keepers and 2 rookie keepers each year. All the good guys are already taken so you really have to be smart with your rookie picks. The second, Shaun’s league, I’m practically guaranteed to win this season thanks to some seriously brilliant drafting. This Sunday’s is always a crapshoot because it’s a start-from-scratch league. No keepers. My least favorite kind of league because it requires the least long term strategy, my biggest strength in fantasy football. So figure I will take an unsophisticated approach this time around, as I sip my sophisticated drink, and see what happens.

On to stuff that surprises me.

Yovanni Gallardo leads the National League in quality starts this year with an ERA not close to the league leaders. I would have been the last guy I would have guessed, not because he’s bad by any stretch… but his talent has always teased a bit more than it has dazzled.

Clint Eastwood appeared at the Republican National Convention. And it was ugly. Unless you’re a Democrat. Then it was just funny.

The National Hockey League looks headed for another lock out. They didn’t learn from the last one.

On to musings.

If the Rams go 2-14 again, will it cost Jeff Fisher his job?

Does the Clint Dempsey deadline day signing vault Tottenham back into Champions League contention? You bet it does.

I am also guilty of being over-exuberant, but having Adrian Gonzales, Josh Beckett and Carl Crawford did very little for the Red Sox this year. What on Earth made anyone think getting those three guys would do wonders for the Dodgers? Oh…right. The simple virtue that not having James Loney on the roster should have been a vast improvement.

Who were the 24 guys that were drafted ahead of Mike Trout? Better question yet, what were the scouts drinking that kept them from noticing the best player to come along since Mickey Mantle? Yeah, yeah, I know. He was still a first rounder so we knew he could be good. Good? Mickey Mantle!!!

I hate baseball.


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