Douche of the Week

It is all too easy to give this award to Josh Beckett, a guy that basically complained about having just 18 off days a year.  That clearly doesn’t include any of the off-season, spring training, or days that he has just a bullpen session, long toss, or light jogging before getting a front row seat to games people spend hundreds of dollars a game.  But if he wants to consider a great day at the park as work, then I just feel bad for him.  The real douche of the week belongs to the high school Our Lady of Sorrows.  They refused to play, and as a result, forfeited the state championship baseball game against Mesa Preparatory Academy because Mesa has a girl on the team.  Paige Sultzbach, the 15 year old female second baseman, agreed to sit out the two regular season games against Our Lady of Sorrows, but understandably did not agree to sit out a game for the state championship.  Congrats Lady of Sorrows, you have taught your students that there is no such thing as equality and women should not be treated the same in competitive situations.  Don’t worry, I am sure none of your male students will ever have colleagues or even bosses that are women, well done, and contrary to your name, it isn’t a lady who should be filled with sorrows.


Bonus Rant:  I spent the past four days up in Flagstaff, Arizona for my brother’s college graduation and came across many oddities on the road, and have decided to share some of my thoughts and observations from the road. And fair warning, these are not sports related.

  • Douche of the road: The car that pulls into the carpool lane, slows to 55 mph, and in less than 5 miles, has created a mile long stretch of cars that can’t get by.
  • Never trust a strip club attached to the back of a truck stop in the middle of nowhere.
  • Coming from someone that lives in place that is at least an hour and a half away from the nearest location, Sonic commercials lie….they are way better than that.  Seriously, I lived the commercials just by visiting.
  • In Arizona there is a wash named the “Holy Moses Wash”, I can’t be sure, but I believe it parts in the middle.
  • Behold…the elusive car hat.  You know, for when your car doesn’t want to get it’s hair messy.



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