Act Like You Have Been There Before

Oh, that’s right, they haven’t been there since the 60’s…but still, a blatant lack of class. Soccer seems to be filled with guys you just love to hate. Depending on your rooting interest, you might hate Wayne Rooney for his loud mouth, Drogba for diving if you look at him wrong, John Terry for sleeping with a teammate’s wife, Adebayor for looking exactly like Plaxico Burress, or Luis Suarez for his overall douchery. But today I believe Carlos Tevez has become public enemy #1 for me, and most United fans. Granted, in his time with United, he and Sir Alex Ferguson were far from buddy buddy, but during the Manchester City victory parade, Carlos Tevez managed to turn a celebration into a controversy. Maybe I am biased being a United fan, or maybe I am just ignorant to the typical celebrations during football victory parades around the world, but during a championship parade after an American championship, I really can’t recall a player taking blatant, cold hearted shots at an opponent. Sure, the 2004 Red Sox may have made some comments about the Yankees blowing a 3-0 series lead, but I don’t recall any of them saying Joe Torre’s career is dead. But Carlos Tevez holds up a “R.I.P Fergie” sign during the Manchester City victory parade, a sign that has actually caused “R.I.P Fergie” to trend on Twitter. Sure, Fergie can be accused of being a hypocrite when complaining of opponents playing dirty or officials making calls that clearly benefit the opposing team, but let’s face it, United probably gets 75% of the calls that could go either way, United does have players like Evra, Ferdinand, and Rooney who can use questionable tactics at times. But Sir Alex is arguably the best manager in the history of English football, much in the way a Phil Jackson or Joe Torre are considered the greats. Yeah, they have great teams with better talent than the other teams in the league, but still manage to keep the egos in check, and lift the talent to a level never before seen. Carlos Tevez is part of the first Manchester City team to win a league title since 1968. Meanwhile Sir Alex Ferguson has 12 league titles, 5 FA cup titles, 10 Community Shields, 2 Champions League titles, and a FIFA Club World Cup title. And that is just with United as a manager. So, go ahead Tevez, turn the day that should be simply a celebration for Manchester City and their fans, but instead all you have done is highlight the fact that City is still United’s little brother. You cannot tell the history of the Premiership without heavily featuring Manchester United and Sir Alex Ferguson. Manchester City will be merely a mention in the history of the league, and Tevez is a name that can easily be overlooked. Go back to enjoying this season’s accomplishments Tevez, United had it’s least talented squad in years this past season and you won on goal differential. You just pissed off Sir Alex, so you can bet United will load up going into next year, and leave you in the dust. Enjoy this while you can.


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