No Joke

We’re over a month into the baseball season and they Yankees and Red Sox are occupying the bottom two spots in the AL East.

No analysis here. I’m just going to sit back and enjoy my smugness for a moment.

Huge EPL game between Wigan and Blackburn tomorrow. I hope nobody at my day job has high hopes for my productivity for those 90 minutes.

The Guggenheim group has been in charge of the Dodgers for over a week now, and still no answer to the atrocity that is James Loney? In brighter news, if Shaun is going to pump Bartolo Colon as an early front runner for AL Cy Young, how about a little love for Chris Capuano. It’s not like he’s never been good. He did win 18 for the Brew Crew in ’06.

And I pulled a calf muscle legging out an inside the park homer on my co-ed softball team about an hour ago. I. Am. Getting. Old…

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