This one is on “Frenchy”

Jeff Francoeur has bounced around a bit in his 7 year career, being with his 4th team already.  But the man Kansas City likes to call Frenchy seems to have found a place he can settle in as a fan favorite.  The Royals have designated a section in the right field bleachers the “French Quarter” and every Thursday home game, a t-shirt and soda is included with the price of the ticket.  While that is a nice deal, sitting in the right field bleachers of any game Francoeur plays just might land you a deal you won’t soon forget. 

It was earlier this season, in a game in Oakland, that Francoeur arranged for 20 pizzas to be delivered to the fans sitting in the right field bleachers.  Along with the pizzas, he sent a signed bat and a personalized message to the fans.  Francoeur can regularly be seen interacting and joking around with fans in the bleachers regardless of the city.

Then, last night, while celebrating the first “French Quarter” night of the season, Francoeur tossed a ball into the section, along with a note, and a $100 bill.  What did the note say?  “Buy some beers on me”.  There is a great video on both and on showing the fan that caught the buying the beers for the section, and whole section raising their beers to “Frenchy”.

Francoeur is a guy have have been enamoured with the guy since he came up with Atlanta in 2005 because watching him throw the ball is something to behold.  He has an absolute cannon of an arm, and is a joy to watch, but more importantly, he is a guy that clearly realizes he is playing a kids game for a living, and he is making sure it is as enjoyable as possible, both for him, and the fans that attend the game, regardless of rooting interest.  Bravo Jeff Francoeur!


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