ESPN…Shut it!!!

I am aware Torsten is doing a 5 part Smearies of pet peeves in sports.  And, given that I don’t know his list, but do know him, I could very well be stepping on his toes of a future article, but I don’t care, I was pushed over the top this morning.  I am sick and tired of ESPN.  I am now convinced it is not a coincidence they are a 4-letter network because they are ****ing ridiculous.   It started early this week, when they decided to show breaking news and a developing story all over their networks.  “The St. Louis Rams intend to trade the #2 pick in the draft”.  Really?!?!  That is breaking news?  It was clear to anyone with have a sense of the situation the pick would be traded.  But the GM comes out and says they would be open to it means you need to break out the sounders and make a fuss about it?  It doesn’t even belong in the A segment of SportsCenter. (If I learned anything from one of the greatest shows ever, SportsNight, it is that the A segment is the opening segment, then following the first commercial is B, etc.)  Then, this morning I turn on SportsCenter, because I am apparently a glutton for punishment, and I see in the developing story box, Tiger -1 for the day through 12 holes.  Again, really?!?!  I get ESPN plays the hits, but give it a rest.  It is the Honda Open, I think, I really didn’t pay enough attention to it, but I perked up when I heard Davis Love III is the current leader, a long time solid golfer, good for him.  I then wanted to vomit when they talked about an 8 foot putt Tiger pushed wide right.  Right now Tiger is a top 25 golfer, deal with it.  You want to see greatness again?  Let the man golf and stop pestering with stupid questions about when he is gonna win his next major and why he missed the 8 footer on 12.  Want to know the answers?  He will win it when he wins it and he missed because he didn’t putt it right, and you want to know why he is up there and you are asking the questions?  Because after taking a beating with a 9 iron from an angry wife, he could still whoop your ass on and off the course.  He was one of the most dominating athletes of all time.  Why can’t we just appreciate those things?  Guess what, Jordan wasn’t great forever.  Babe Ruth went through slumps.  Mickey Mantle got drunk and laid too many nights in a row and had some 0-4 days.  Crosby got hit in the head once and is practically retired.  Tiger Woods has won a U.S. Open on a broken leg.  Only Jack Youngblood can question Tiger’s toughness.  Then Tiger got run down worse by his wife than Chuck Finley was beaten by Tawny Kitaen.  He has had several surgeries, and his game has fallen off.  If 90% of people had the amount of surgeries Tiger has had and went through a divorce like he did in the public eye, they would either go into hiding, or admit themselves into a mental institution.  I appreciate greatness.  I hate Jeter, but love to watch him play.  I hate Peyton Manning, but want him to come back and make a few more playoff runs.  I was pulling for Jordan in Washington.  I wish Emmitt never went to Arizona.  I want the greats to remain great, so back off the Tiger coverage, and let the man play the game he can play better than anyone in history.


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