Breaking News!!!

So I would like to expand on my Smear from earlier today. Three days ago, MLB had all but announced they would be adding an extra Wild Card team to each league and have the two Wild Card teams face off in a one game playoff series. I will have a rant on this new setup shortly, but for now, I am gonna call out ESPN…again! Every media outlet had confirmation that the new Wild Card format was put into place yesterday. Then, just before 11:30 AM pacific time, AKA more than 24 hours after I first heard the announcement, ESPN comes out with “breaking news” that there will be two extra Wild Card teams in this year’s playoffs. And I can all but guarantee they will credit one of their insiders as the one that broke the news. The lack of integrity is laughable. Two hacks in Southern California catch a guy pooing himself in an NFL game decide to start a blog and have more journalistic integrity than the biggest sports organization in the world? If ESPN wanted to wait until they got confirmation of the new playoff format, great, but don’t you dare call it breaking news, a developing story, and you sure as hell better not take credit for breaking the news. Especially when you can search Google and find that even Bleacher Report had the story almost 12 hours before ESPN. But, in the spirit of ESPN, I would like to announce some breaking news of my own. Peyton Manning has a pain in the neck. Baseball Spring Training has begun. Jeremy Lin appears to be pretty good. The NBA Slam Dunk competition sucks. Chris Berman is the most annoying sports personality on TV. Tiger Woods plays golf. And finally, ESPN no longer stand for Entertainment and Sports Programming Network, but instead now means Every Story Provided by Narcissists.

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