With or Without God?

AT the time of this quick blurb, the Steelers and Broncos are tied at 23 in the fourth quarter with just over three minutes left.  The Broncos may still drive to win it… or lose it. But if they win, is God really helping Tebow? The religious young quarterback has had a great game so far, very little thanks to some of his teammates. So far, Demaryius Thomas has dropped what would have been a sure touchdown, either by himself or after first and goal from inside the one, on a pass that hit him in the numbers as the first half drew to a close. Denver settled for a field goal. Later, on what appeared to be a game sealing drive, Willis McGahee coughed up an inexcusable fumble leading to Pittsburgh’s tying touchdown drive.  That same drive, moments before the score, Champ Bailey dropped a sure interception that seemed easier to catch than the alternative. Hmmm….

Update:  AND terrible officiating. Second blatant facemask not called against Pittsburgh. Less than two minutes left, Pitt ball.

Update 2: For once I actually agree with the announcers. How on Earth do you not let Suisham try a 66 yard field goal. You can see how the ball travels on kickoffs. Practically out of the end zone.

Update 3: I hate the new overtime rules… and the referee that confusingly “explained” them. Seriously.

Update 4: With. Definitely with…

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