Breaking the Jaded Glasses of Sports

Ugh…the column I never wanted to write, and I am feeling physically ill to have this topic breaking my smearer’s block.  As you may have noticed, I am unimpressed by Tim Tebow.  He is not a quarterback that can have long term success in the NFL.  That that being said, it is time to back off the guy.  The media has made too big a deal about him, but the public disgust needs to stop.  I feel that before I make my next point, I should share my own personal view on religion to put this in the proper context.  I personally enjoy learning about different religions, the similarity and differences in all beliefs is something I find fascinating, however, I don’t believe in organized religion.  I refuse to go to any church as I feel there is too much hypocrisy in most places of worship.  Despite all that, can we all please stop blasting Tebow for being a devout Christian and actually give him some props for it?  I have heard plenty of people say he himself is a hypocrite for dropping to a knee and praying after a touchdown or a win but saying he does not pray for assistance in the football game.  I actually believe him.  I believe his prayers are more a thank you for his well-being and strength to keep pushing on.  In a sports world where we see a Xavier-Cincinnati brawl that was as brutal a sports fight as I can remember, that was followed by a Xavier player going to the podium to proudly state his team is full of “gangsters”, shouldn’t we appreciate a guy who is wholesome?  We have all become jaded by the way we see our athletes.  We are no longer surprised when the greatest golfer of his generation has dozens of mistresses, our NL MVP tests positive for PEDs, a legendary QB is texting pictures of his junk a reporter, a washed up point guard it eating Vaseline on his online vlog, let us cautiously tip our cap to guys like Tebow.  The good guys in sports, the Drew Brees’, the Curtis Granderson’s, the Grant Hill’s, and the Tim Tebow’s.


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