Peoples Republic of Dodgers

There are rumors that Bill Burke, a team of American investors, and the Peoples Republic of China, have offered over $1 billion to Frank McCourt to buy the Dodgers. If this rumor is true, and if the deal were to be accepted, we would be looking at the first American sports team owned by a foreign government. And not just any government, but China. Could you imagine no more Louisville Sluggers but instead the bats now state on the bottom, “Made in China”. No more Miller Lites, just Tsing Tsao beer. Ned Colletti will be replaced as GM by a board of members of the Communist Party of China. Dodger Dogs are now served on lead laced hot dog buns. Yao Ming will become the new Left Fielder. The Chinese government will hear that Matt Kemp stole second so they arrest him and give him the death penalty. So I ask you, would you rather the Chinese become part owners of the Dodgers, or keep going with Frank McCourt….I say bring on the Chinese.


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