Decisions, Decisions

It’s fitting, isn’t it, that one of the biggest decisions in baseball history gets made by perhaps the sport’s all time biggest idiots. As we all know, MLB Commissioner Bud Selig vetoed the multi billion dollar television deal between Fox and the LA Dodgers. Before you get the wrong idea, it is probably the right decision. What, Torsten? How can an idiot whose equal you’d struggle find in recorded history make the right call, you ask? The answer is, he can’t.

Dodger “owner” Frank McCourt is his own special kind of excrement, but we know this. The great thing here is that Selig made his decision because he felt it was not best for the Dodgers. The reality is, McCourt should never be trusted with anything resembling money after it has been shown he essentially stole 100 million dollars in Dodger funds for personal use, and easily that much or more of the proposed deal would go into his pockets too (not to mention his ((expletive deleted)) of an ex wife). And the question remains, how could the man who single handedly nearly ruined my beloved game of baseball by turning a blind eye to PED use (if not unequivocally encouraging it), allowing for the destruction of parity by failing to implement a proper luxury tax, among other things, be allowed to judge what is best for ANYTHING?

The irony is saturating, yet it’s somehow appropriate that baseball’s own confederacy of dunces, the used car salesman and the parking lot attendant as the LA Times excellent columnist TJ Simers calls them, are the principles in this mess.

Now, I would never wish anything bad to happen to any two people (three if you include Mrs. McCourt). And I am also a liar.


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