The Stain at Spring Training – Day 3

I love listening to podcasts about sports, and people often say they have trouble watching a game and truly enjoying it without thinking of their next article.  Now, I am in no way confusing myself with a real journalist, but I did get the same feeling this weekend.  While walking around the ballparks and watching the games, I kept seeing things that I wanted to reference here on The Stain…that was until Sunday.  Camelback Ranch is an absolutely incredible complex.  We pull up to park, pound a few beers, and start the decent hike to the stadium.  Usually the walk would be something to complain about, but not at Camelback.  On our right, there were two baseball games going on, both minor league Dodger games.  On the left, two more, those minor league White Sox games.  Separating the White Sox from the Dodgers, a fountain/pond, which I am pretty sure was 75% chlorine, but very cool none the less.  Then we reach the stadium, spread out the blanket on the grass, grabbed another beer and relaxed.  There are box seats at the stadium, and the structure is made to look like an old wood structure, but upon closer examination it is actually a steel frame.  But truly an excellent ballpark, wonderful grounds, and the best of all, despite the game technically being a White Sox home game…I was able to get a Dodger Dog.  The most difficult part of the trip was actually leaving, if you have never had the pleasure of doing a Spring Training weekend, do it.  The weather is always great, the ballgames are cheap, and you get to spend multiple days in a row watching baseball.  Now, in the Day 2 post, I mentioned the stupid Arizona drivers incapable of making U-Turns….I forgot California drivers are even more moronic.  Just before getting home, while driving in the carpool lane, a car was riding our ass before illegally exiting the carpool lane and passing us.  At this time I look over at the car and realize there is not a person in the passenger seat, but instead a friggin blow up doll.  Gotta love LA.


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