Revenge of the Nerds

Do you know anything about the Caltech basketball team?  If so, you better only know them thanks to a certain game in 2007, be talking about Tuesday night’s game, or be an alumnus, because Caltech has redefined futility.  There was a day in 2007 when the crowd likely stormed the court, yes, all three of them, as the Caltech Beavers ended their 207 game losing streak.  Then, in the 2010/2011 season, Caltech had a season to remember…they won 5 of 25 games.  Who cares, you ask?  Caltech fans care!  Why, you ask?  Because on the last game of the season, a special February night in “lovely” Pasadena, California, the Caltech basketball team did something they had not done in my lifetime…they won a conference game.  Yes, for the first time since January 23, 1985, Caltech won a NCAA D-III SCIAC basketball game.  On the final game of the season, against conference foe Occidental, Occidental accidentally forgot how to score, losing 46-45.  No, contrary to popular belief, that is not a WNBA score, it is the score of the first SCIAC game Caltech has won since knocking off La Verne more than 26 years ago.  You may be sitting back thinking, “Well, maybe there are decent teams in the SCIAC”.  Let’s take a look at the other teams in that division.  You have the previously mentioned La Verne (where I am pretty sure their top scorer is Shirley), Redlands, Whittier, Occidental, Pomona-Pitzer, Claremont-Mudd-Scripps, and California Lutheran University.  Still not sure if the division is downright pitiful?  Let me put it this way…Caltech is in good shape down in the paint as they have two big bodies coming back that can play center for them, one stands an intimidating 6’5”, while the other just 6’4”.  My bold prediction for next year…the Caltech Beavers will win 7 games, 3 of which division games.  Check back this time next year to find out, but I likely won’t be posting anything about SCIAC athletics because, well, let’s be honest, nobody cares about the conference unless there is an epic losing streak going on (sorry Chad).


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