Fantasy: Sit ’em & Start ’em for Week 2

Bit of a mixed bag as far as the results from the week 1 column go. Got the running backs pretty much right, got the quarterbacks right, though Philip Rivers was better than expected, nailed Jared Cook and Zach Sudfeld, and even Greg Zuerlein got ya 14 points from the kicker spot if you listened. Then again, I did recommend benching Anquan Boldin… and recommended starting Cecil Shorts or T.Y. Hilton… so perfect it definitely wasn’t. That said, we now have a week under our belts and therefore a decent idea of how workload is going to be distributed. Anyhoo, the following guys are recommendations for your RB3, WR3, or Flex spot, as well your Tight End (if you have someone other than Jimmy Graham), and guys you should probably avoid playing. In no way should any of it be confused for a recommendation to bench a mega stud like AP or AJ Green for any of these guys. If you do that, you’re a moron and your parents should be ashamed.

If You Got ‘Em, Start ‘Em

QB: Michael Vick – His line sure looked good agains the Skins. Here’s the thing, a lot of fantasy “experts” are saying he looked gimpy or injured at the end of the game. He kind of did, but the point here is, they’re telling you to be careful. Don’t. Yeah, Vick scored a short rushing TD, but apart from that, didn’t rely on his legs too much. His passing on the other hand, looked crisp and accurate. Philly as San Diego at home this week, and Vick will be good for at least 25 points, gimpy leg or not.

RB: Maurice Jones-Drew – Sound obvious? Well he was invisible against Kansas City last week. That won’t be the case against the Raiders this week. I’m not saying Jacksonville is going to win this game. As long as Blaine Gabbert is the quarterback there, they may never win another game. But Drew should be a lock for at least one score, and if the Jags coaches open their eyes and finally play Chad Henne, he’s probably good for 50 receiving yards too. Look for 14 points or more.

RB: David Wilson – You heard me, he of the two fumbles. Monitor this one as Tom Coughlin said they’re going to watch him in practice this week. If Wilson pouts and doesn’t try hard, he might be a pre-game inactive. But if he works hard on his technique like the coaches ask, he’ll keep the lion’s share of the workload in the Giants’ backfield. The Broncos are missing some guys on D, so there’s opportunity here. He could hang a goose egg, which would suck, but I’m thinking he’s good for double digits.

RB: D’Angelo Williams – Yes, again. He didn’t get in the endzone, but he looked good against a stout Seattle defense. Buffalo’s run defense? Not so stout. You could hit the jackpot with 150 total yards and a score.

WR: James Jones – Goose egg in week one didn’t look good. But Aaron Rodgers knows, it’s not a good idea to not target one of your main guys for two weeks in a row. Receivers are primadonnas, by in large, and if they don’t see the rock a bit, they sulk. As good as Cobb and Nelson were in week one, Rodgers needs Jones’ powerful red zone presence to remain motivated so expect him to get several targets and a score this week.

WR: Eric Decker – He’s actually not a primadonna, but he didn’t see much of the ball week one against Baltimore. Still, Peyton likes him so he’ll get some cookies. Will probably score, maybe twice this week. The Giants’ secondary is not intimidating.

TE: Jared Cook – Yes, again. Did I already use that one? Anyway, the match up is juicy. Atlanta’s defense is better than it looks, but they’re a bit vulnerable deep down the middle and that’s where Cook is dangerous.

If you’re streaming defenses, you may want to peek at Jacksonville or Green Bay this week. I don’t think RG3 is going to play well at Lambeau.

If You Can, Sit ‘Em

QB: Colin Kaepernick – Ok, don’t get get cute. Chances are you are starting Kaep. BUT, if you happen to have Sam Bradford on your bench, or even Jay Cutler, you may want to evaluate this situation carefully. Seattle is a brutal place to play, and their secondary is much better than Green Bay’s. You won’t see Boldin go for 700 yards again, or whatever he made me look stupid by getting in week 1.

RB: Isaac Redman – Is he good? No. Is Cincy’s front 7 good? You betcha.

RB: Monte Ball – The Giants are going to blitz a lot, so the Broncos are going to with a lot of Knowshon Moreno, not based on merit from week one, but he’s an outstanding blocker.

WR: Roddy White – He’s brilliant when he’s healthy, but right now he’s not. He’s a veteran and a tough guy, so he’ll probably suit up, but his effectiveness will be limited by a dodgy ankle and a capable Janoris Jenkins chasing him around.

TE: Jordan Cameron – Don’t get me wrong, I’m impressed with this kid. But I think Baltimore’s defense is well coached and knows that Weeden likes Cameron a lot. They’ll take away one of his top weapons any way they can.

There you have it, folks. Gourmet recipe for fantasy goodness delivered. Good luck this weekend!


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