The Braun Suspension: A Closer Look

One of the great things about having a blog is that you wax poetic, conspiracy theorize, and operate in the realm of “what if” as opposed to absolute fact. When Ryan Braun’s initial suspension was overturned, we pretty much laid it out there that Braun WAS a doper, and there was possibly a conspiracy in place because of Commissioner Bud Selig’s connection to Braun’s Milwaukee Brewers.
That theory was floated by others with more exposure than us, and quickly shot down those in the know over some nonsense about the “integrity of the man” and how they knew him to not be that type of person. “I know Bud Selig and he would never!!!” Oh, you know him? Well in THAT case, let’s all go on our way!

The question is now this. The numbers 150 and 100 have been floated out there a lot in regards to how long some of the suspensions in connection with the recent Biogenesis Labs controversy. Why did Braun only get 65? Was it because he came “clean?” Was it because MLB wanted a number that wouldn’t be appealed? Was it because Milwaukees prodigal baseball son gets special treatment? Who the hell knows…

But the real question that should be asked is, why did Braun suddenly change his tune and cop to his PED use? After months upon months of brazenly lying about his innocence, he’s suddenly admitting “mistakes.”

Reports are that there was overwhelming evidence pointing to his PED use. Overwhelming evidence? As in more overwhelming than a testosterone level 20-something times above what any normal adult male would have? Color me skeptical. What is overwhelming evidence, anyway? Do investigators have overwhelming evidence that Aaron Hernandez committed the murder of Odin Lloyd? What exactly does “overwhelming” mean, and whose whelm is it that needs to be overed?

Here’s what I think, evidence be damned. I think the Brewers are out of contention. I think Braun has had an injury-plagued season, and may require surgery on his thumb. Copping to his guilt now will allow him to get his thumb taken care of in a season that is a lost cause for the Brew Crew, so him missing the rest of it has no real effect. Now the team can focus on getting rid of the contracts of Yovanni Gallardo and Aramis Ramirez, and start over next season with a rebuilt squad around Braun and baseball superstardom’s latest member, Carlos Gomez.

Could I be wrong? Of course I could. But I don’t think I am. We’ll see what kind of punishments eventually come down for the other Biogenesis guys, but it’s unlikely so you’ll see such a sweetly reduced penalty negotiated for any of the others. And to be clear, THIS one I don’t necessarily think has Bud Selig’s dirty hands on it. I think this is a smart team of advisors around Braun devising a very sneaky plan. Only time will tell.


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